Christmas 2016

Pohutukawa in summer bloom
Pohutukawa in summer bloom – The New Zealand Christmas Tree

Whether you are in the southern hemisphere’s summer or the northern hemisphere’s winter at this time of year, we wish you a wonderful Christmas!

In the New Year we will be providing a news update looking at significant legal issues arising from 2016 and coming up in 2017.

This will include our representation of:

  • The commercial fishing industry in Trans-Tasman Resources’ latest publicly notified application to mine iron ore in New Zealand’s Exclusive Economic Zone;
  • Maori tribes’ (indigenous people) Environment Court appeal against the Greek owner’s proposal to leave the MV Rena wreck on Otaiti-Astrolabe Reef and the seabed; and
  • Agriculturalists seeking to defend an appeal against decisions, of the Environment Court and High Court, that local authorities can manage the potential adverse effects of genetically modified (GM) crops on non-GM growers.

In the meantime, enjoy the festivities (and a long summer vacation if you are lucky enough to be south of the equator).

Best wishes
Robert Makgill, Ana Paula Linhares and Jill Thomson