Summer 2014

I hope you had a great summer break.

I spent my summer surfing, relaxing with family and steadfastly ignoring a pile of papers that various publishers probably think have been completed. Now that I am back to work this is bound to come back and haunt me.

Anyway, welcome to my first news post as a barrister. There are three things to announce at this point in the year:

  • my new website is finally completed;
  • an offshore Oil & Gas seminar will be held in the main centres in March; and
  • the submission period on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan closes on 28 February 2014.

Oil & Gas exploration and development within New Zealand’s Exclusive Economic Zone

Oil and Gas exploration
I will be one of the presenters of the New Zealand Law Society’s upcoming seminar on Oil & Gas exploration and development within New Zealand’s EEZ. I will discuss the regulatory regime, environmental compliance and preparing applications for marine consent.

The other presenters will be John Bay (Vice President NZ Oil & Gas) and James Willis (a former Partner at Bell Gully). John will address the practical aspects of offshore exploration and development, while James will cover the commercial aspects of upstream Oil & Gas.

John and James have a wealth of industry experience and promise to be entertaining speakers. If you are looking for a tour de force of offshore Oil & Gas, this is the seminar to attend.

The seminar will be run in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland on 10, 11 and 12 March 2014. There will also be a webinar on 11 March.

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For a copy of the seminar brochure and registration details please click here

Submission period on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan closes on 28 February 2014 – just three weeks from now!

If you are an Auckland property or business owner it is important for you to spend some time ascertaining how the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan might affect you.

The proposed plan provides you with an opportunity to seek positive changes to the policies and rules that govern your property or business activities.

Equally important, there are many instances where property owners and business operators have discovered that the proposed plan seeks to reduce the extent of rights currently enjoyed under the existing planning regime.

The only way to advance or protect your property and business interests is to make a submission on the proposed plan. A well thought out submission now can save a lot of trouble in the future.

Instructing a town planner is a sensible and cost-effective first step if you have any concerns regarding how the proposed plan might affect you. However, you will need to hurry as the submission period closes on 28 February 2014. Just three weeks from now!

I am happy to discuss any queries or concerns that you might have about the proposed plan including which town planners might be most helpful to you in the first instance, depending on the issues at stake and your location within Auckland.

Please feel free to make contact if there are any issues that you would like to discuss.