Robert Makgill

Barrister, LLM Hons (1st)

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Robert Makgill
Robert is an environmental, natural resources, property and public law expert.

He has led numerous property development, infrastructure and natural resource projects through the planning and approval process, and has extensive experience representing clients in relation to legislative and regulatory change at both central and local government levels.

Robert was awarded a doctoral scholarship through the Maritime Institute, Department of Public International Law, University of Ghent in 2005, and is a member of the Institute’s doctoral research programme.

Prior to going to the bar, he was the principal litigator in a boutique environmental law practice. During that time the practice was awarded the Resource Management and Environmental Law Award at the New Zealand Law Awards in 2011, and first runner-up in 2012.

Robert holds a number of posts outside his barristerial practice including:

He has lived in France and Belgium and enjoys international travel. It is a fair bet that he will be surfing if there is swell, an offshore wind and he is not answering his phone. Other down time is generally spent following world news, reading, going to the cinema/theatre/exhibitions or teaching his daughter to surf (i.e. the art of patience).

Ana Paula Linhares

Research Assistant, LLM Hons (1st)

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Ana Paula Linhares
Ana Paula is a consultant to Robert Makgill, specialising in natural resources, carbon trading and international environmental law. Her doctoral research focused on the management and development of marine resources across international jurisdictions. She has published papers in the Review of European Community and International Environmental Law and the Auckland University Law Review.

Her experience includes providing advice on:

  • Environmental and natural resources law within New Zealand
  • International environmental law and its implications for national jurisdictions
  • Law of the Sea and trans-boundary resources
  • Precautionary approaches to exploration and development
  • Regulations governing access to genetic resources and bio-prospecting
  • Planning and construction matters for architectural and planning firms in Brazil

Ana Paula is multilingual in Portuguese and French (both oral and written) and she speaks Italian and Spanish.

As well as a keen interest in international relations, particularly maritime issues, Ana Paula is interested in the politics of sustainability, world cinema, ballet and theatre.